These are questions we think people ask a lot.

MarySafeSite Order Guarantee

We protect every order. If your order is undelivered, or in complete error, then we will refund your card immediately. If you are sold a fake or completely defective product and the seller refuses to replace the item then we will replace or credit back your order up to $250 USD. This is the MSS order protection guarantee.

Is registration free?

Registration to Mary Safe Site is free. But shop owners have the option to offer a membership fee.

What is Mary Safe Site?

This website allows Mesa One account holders to post their products online for sale.

Can I open a shop for free?

Yes! Right now we are letting people into the system for free while we grow our audience.

Do you offer support for Mary Safe Site Shop Owners?

Of course. We are making Mary Safe Site a valuable program for Designers, Cultivators, Scientist, Artisans, Farmers, Unicorn Breeders and Celestial Sprites to all have a strong e-commerce presence.

How can I register for a shop?

Head over to Mesa Grove and register for a free account. It only takes a few minutes to get going.